Superior Value. Unmatched Durability.

Slate Roofing is often classified as being one of the highest quality and longest lasting Roofing Systems available. While possessing some advantages, Quarried Slate Roof Tiles have a significant drawbacks being the heaviest roofing material available today. Homeowners are often forced to add expensive structural support to properly install a heavy material. 

Synthetic Slate Roofing Tiles make it possible to obtain the beauty of Quarried Slate Roof Tiles, with the affordability and benefits of a Composite Roofing Product.

MBROOFING only uses Top Quality Building Material from Companys like:


"Brava's composite slate roofing has the gorgeous aesthetics of quarried slate tile without the weight constraints. Their synthetic slate roof tile is cast from actual impressions of natural slate roofing. Brava Select Slate Tile comes in a variety of solid colors as well as multi-colored options that replicate quarried slate shingles, providing a classic architecturally realistic appearance."


"CertainTeed’s Symphony Slate is an innovative roofing product simulating the appearance, texture and contours of traditional natural slate roofing. Symphony is a carefully engineered polymer composite roofing product designed for beauty, durability, and easy-handling. It is simple to install and at a fraction of the weight and cost of natural slate roofing."


"DaVinci believes that slate roofing should truly enhance the beauty of your property, as well as offer a high-level of protection for your home - without expensive maintenance and repair. The desire for the distinctive appearance of natural slate and the need to overcome slate's inherent imperfections led DaVinci to develop a line of synthetic slate roofing materials with all of the beauty of natural slate shingles but none of the shortcomings."