For those who Love a Natural look.

Cedar has been used by roofers all over the world for thousands of years because of its amazing ability to shed water.  In a market dominated by Asphalt & Metal Roofing Systems, a Cedar Roof is one of the highest quality options in Residential Roofing today. The attention to detail shown in every Cedar Roof we install will be apparent and can turn an ordinary house into a beautiful home. For those who have a love for a natural look you just can't beat the timeless appeal of a Wooden Roof. 

Cedar Shingles


To a discerning eye, the visual contrast between Cedar Shakes and Cedar Shingles is obvious right away. Shingles have a smooth uniform look that spans the entire roof surface, while wood shakes have a more rugged appearance. This difference is the result of the distinct ways in which each is manufactured. For centuries, Cedar Roof Shingles were sawn from a block of wood, while Shakes were split off using a mallet and blade. With the advancement of technology, Shingles are machine made, sawn smooth on both sides and cut tapered. From an aesthetic perspective, shingles are a great option for any classic Colonial, Victorian or Ranch style home.

Cedar Shakes

Unlike Cedar Shingles, Cedar Shakes are split instead of sawn. This provides a more natural and rugged appearance. If you’re considering using Cedar Shakes on your home it is crucial to hire a Roofing Contractor who pays close attention to detail, little mistakes can cost thousands of dollars in damage in the long term. Rest assured, MBRoofing will meticulously install your new Roof, beautifully, while exceeding local and state building codes. With a maintenance package designed specifically for your needs, you can rely on your investment providing consistent protection & beauty for the years to come.